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Designed to operate with very low water pressure, and can also be used in installations using mixer taps.

Needs a flue

Rated water output flow 16lt/min

Flow control on water adjust knob

Flow control tap on cold water supply.

Temperature display

Water flow sensor valve no diaphragm

Water pressure 0.015 bar - 0.8 bar

Gross weight: 15.8 kg

Automatic ignite start, runs on two torch batteries

Has adjustable pressure relief valve/drain stem

Anti-corrosive power coating

For outdoor use (under cover)

Flue diameter 110mm

Rated input (KW) 24

Rated output (KW) 32

Water flow min: 400 lt/h

Water Flo Max: 800 lt/h

Product Dimensions: (W.H.D) 708 * 420 * 208

Packed Dimension (W.H.D) 865 * 485 * 270

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