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Instant water heater with natural exhaust. Water gas linked automatic ignition, automatic pulse ignition

from two standard torch batteries. No pilot-light. White front panel. LCD temperature gauge.

Flame Height, gas flow knob. Temperature, water flow knob. On & off switch for cold or hot water.

Water pressure 0.3 bar -5.0 bar

Starting Indicator light

For outdoor use (under cover)

Hot Water Output: 12Lt

Rated Input (KW): 24

Rated Output (KW): 21.6

Gas Consumption: 1.86Kg/Hr

Water Flow Min: 360Lt / Hour

Water Flow Max: 720Lt / Hour

Flue diameter 110mm

Product Dimension (W.H.D) 330 * 620 * 150

Packed dimension (W.H.D) 395 * 755 * 200


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