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A compact portable gas shower specifically designed to enable and ensure that all South Africans have access to instant hot water, indoors and outdoors, 4x4ing, caravanning, camping, off-road trailers, or boating.  Available in a range of camouflage colors.  Showerhead and 12V submersible water pump included.


Instant water heater with natural exhaust

Water-gas linked automatic ignition automatic pulse ignition from two standard torch batteries

No pilot-light, Starting indicator light, For indoor and outdoor use (undercover)

White front panel, LCD temperature gauge, Flame height, gas flow knob

Temperature, water flow knob, On and off switch for cold or hot water

  • Water pressure 0.3-5.0 bar
  • Hot water output 8lt
  • Rated input (KW) 16
  • Rated output (KW)14,4
  • Gas consumption 1,24 kg/hr
  • Water flow min 240L/hr
  • Water flow max 480L/hr
  • Flue diameter Dimension 110mm
  • Product Dimension (W.H.D) 320 * 520 * 150
  • Packed dimension (W.H.D) 385 * 645 * 180
  • Net weight 6.5 kg
  • Gross weight 7,5kg


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