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Instant water heater with natural exhaust. Water gas linked automatic ignition, automatic pulse ignition

from two standard torch batteries, No pilot light, Stainless Steel front panel

LCD temperature gauge

Flame Height, gas flow knob. Temperature, water flow knob.

On & off switch for cold or hot water

Water pressure 0.3 bar -5.0 bar

Starting Indicator light

For indoor / outdoor use (under cover)

Hot Water Output: 6Lt

Rated Input (KW): 12

Rated Output (KW): 10.8

Gas Consumption: 0.93Kg/Hr

Water Flow Min: 180Lt / Hour

Water Flow Max: 360Lt / Hour

Product Dimension (W.H.D) 320 * 520 * 150

Packed dimension (W.H.D) 385 * 645 * 180

Net weight 4.6 kg

Gross weight 7.5 kg

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