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was R13999,00 (RRP R16999,00) save 3000

Manufactured from 2.0mm 430 Stainless Steel with brushed

finish. This is a Man’s Kitchen in the outdoors! The smoker braai is perfect

for making a potjie, rotisserie chicken, leg of lamb, pizza making, baking

bread, braai and so much more!! JUST RELEASED WITH A ***** RATING


•   1-OFF GRID 490x460 Zinc Clear

•   Dimensions 1000mm x 500mm x750mm

•   Weight (65kg)

•   PACKAGE DIMS: 1100(L) X 500 (D) X 750 (H)

•   Cooking height 850mm

•   1-off DRIP OVEN TRAY

•   BRAAI Pan included 3mm 3CR12 SS

•   4-off Castor wheels with breaks.

•   1-off Bracket for Rotisserie motor

•   Prong set incl.

•   3-off Thermo meters 1-off Flue pipe Diameter 125

•   Pizza plate with Pizza spade

•   Prong set


Rotisserie motor

Thermo meter (Replacement)

EXTRA GRID 490x460 Zinc Clear

PLEASE NOTE: We are an online store and do not keep stock on

hand. These braais are manufactured to order and can take 5-10

working days to manufacture depending on stock availability at the

factory. Please contact Lesley-Anne-0630354807 if you have any questions. To see

REVIEWS from customers you can click this link....


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