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THIS  Child Safety Harness in blue will give parents peace of mind by having their toddler safe and close by at all times when on the go. This harness includes a leash and wrist strap for parents so that your toddler will have the freedom to be a kid but with a lot less worry for you. No more chasing after little ones as we all know how quick they can be. This comfortable security harness is sure to make adventures safer as well as more fun with your child. The shoulder straps are not only strong and supportive but adjustable for your growing toddler too! It fits across the torso of the body for a comfortable feel and is secured with velcro. A child safety harness allows your toddler to explore the world, on their own terms but within safe boundaries, keeping them steady, safe and within sight.

Child Safety Harness Features:

Features a harness and leash with wrist strap

Portable toddler and child safety product

Ideal for crowds, parks and travel

Made to fit across the torso

Adjustable shoulder straps

Supportive and comfortable design

Strong velcro strapping

Easy to put on your toddler or child

Perfect for twins and triplets

Manufactured with SABS-approved materials

Designs may vary slightly from the pictures shown

Age 1-8 years

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