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Once your baby starts to crawl, keeping them safe becomes essential. This Baby Playpen with Balls is an enclosed play area that will not only keep your little one engaged and out of harm's way but will give you peace of mind too. It features mesh walls that provide adequate ventilation for your baby and a clear view for mom and dad, and a zipper door for easy access. Plus, it includes different colour plastic balls, making this safety fence loads of fun.

Product Features:

Portable playpen

Includes plastic balls

Sturdy hexagonal design

Ideal for indoors and out- door use

Easy to install, requires no tools

Portable and lightweight design

Non-toxic, eco-friendly materials

Made of nylon and mesh

Approx. product dimensions: 128 x 65 x 65 cm

Age 6 months+

***Design may vary slightly from the pictures shown.

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