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Encourage tummy time play while stimulating your baby's imagination at the same time with this ocean theme Baby Water Play Mat. This interactive mat is full of tropical fish as well as floating toys that are sure to keep your baby occupied! Watch them try to grasp the toys while amusing themselves with this make-belief ocean right under their nose. This mat is made from odour free high-quality BPA-free heavy duty PVC material. Simply fill the outer ring with air and the inner mat with tap water, place it on the floor and let the fun begin!

This mat is an essential toy that will encourage natural curiosity as well as developing solid head, neck and shoulder muscles, hand-eye coordination, fine motor and social skills. In addition, it strengthens their leg and arm muscles to prepare them for the pushing up, rolling and crawling stages.

Product Features:

Promote baby growth & development

Encourages sensory stimulation

Provides tactile and visual fun

Durable and leak-free

Requires air and water

Easy to set up

Made from eco-friendly heavy-duty PVC

Approx. product size: 45 x 55 cm

Age: 6 months+

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