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Bestway 56438, above ground swimming pool will guarantee endless fun for the whole family. In the large round Steel Pro Max™ pool from Bestway, everyone can cool off and relax during the summer months.

The Bestway 56438 Steel Pro Max™ pool features an extremely sturdy steel tube frame, which, together with the rustproof coating, ensures stability and durability of the item. This pool is made of sturdy TriTech™, a material consisting of 2 layers of PVC that coat a polyester mesh inside, with a strong PVC foil placed on the bottom of the side walls. The inner part is decorated with a mosaic pattern coating to make swimming in the pool a more enjoyable experience. The pool can be mounted without using any tools thanks to the Seal Lock™ fastening system, while the drainage valve allows it to be emptied easily at the end of the summer season. The filter pump keeps the water constantly clean and sanitised.

Easy and fast assembly, no tools, 20 minutes with 3 people

Sturdy TriTech™ material and rustproof steel frame

Measurements: 457x122 cm

Colour: blue

Capacity at 90%: 16,015 l

Weight: 65.81 kg

Packaging measures: 56x38x130 cm

  • Filter pump
  • Cover sheet 
  • Safety ladder 
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