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The Power Steel™ Oval Pool by Bestway® is perfect for summer fun with your friends and family. This premium grade, above ground pool can withstand extreme conditions including exposure to ultraviolet rays and chorine. The tough TriTech™ material is extremely durable and guarantees to keep the family swimming for years to come!

Easy set up

Corrosion resistant metal frames

Printed mosaic inner liner on the sides and bottom of the pool.

Heavy-duty PVC and polyester 3-ply side walls

3-ply band provides additional wall support

Built-in flow control drain valve makes it easy to drain by attaching the valve to a garden hose (with included adapter) to drain away water

The unique oval design and shape makes this pool more compact, so it requires less area for set up and less water to fill it up.

Underwater adhesive repair patch

Patent pending

Dimensions 305x200x84 cm with filtration

PVC material

Capacity 3 668 litres

Recommended filling with water 90%

Pump capacity 1249 litres / hour

Pump power supply 220 - 240 V

Antibacterial pump filter type II (58093)

Weight 31.1 kg

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