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If your compact stove is struggling on a windy day, then the Pro Nano Windshield from Companion is perfect.

This shield is made from lightweight aluminium which is anodised for extra strength. It’ll create a shield of up

 to 68L x 24W and weighs 250g which makes it a more compact choice for taking away with you on

your adventures. Cook away on your compact stove when conditions are breezy with the

Pro Nano Windshield from Companion.

  • Creates a windshield for your stove
  • Made from anodised aluminium
  • 68L x 24Wcm in size
  • In Use Dimensions:68L x 24H cm
  • Packed Dimensions:24L x 10W x 2H cm
  • Material: Anodized Aluminium
  • Weight:0.25 Kg
  • Warranty:1 Year


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