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Contains 1 x Huffy Green Machine 20 Inches

The 20 inch Huffy Green Machine, is a non-stop thrill ride for bigger kids 8 years and over

Huffy’s Green Machines are legendary and are now spinning, sliding and gliding their way into a new generation. From heart pounding 180° spins to head turning slides, drifts and skids, the fun and the thrill is endless.

The 20 inch Huffy Green Machine is sized for taller kids aged 8 years and older for epic spinning and drifting fun. Dual-stick steering enables quick turns, 180° spins and serious slides, whilst the coaster brake allows for full control. The 20 inch pneumatic front tyre provides grip and drive and the super slick rear tyres are designed for the perfect slide

The bucket seat provides riders with side support and is easily adjustable for the right fit for your child’s height. The durable steel frame is built to last and will stand up to the demands of all the action.

Please note: home assembly required

  • Dual-stick steering generates fast-circling, 180 degree spins, and serious slides
  • Front coaster brake with freewheel allows the rider to just pedal back to stop. Plus, the backward pedaling allows simple maneuvering in tight corners
  • Recumbent design enables your child to easily pedal for acceleration. The front pneumatic tyre on the 20-inch (50.8cm) wheel builds traction for smooth acceleration
  • Super-wide, super-slick rear wheels and the vehicle’s overall wide pivot together empower your child to create cool spinning action and amazing slides
  • The bucket seat quickly adjusts for the right fit, and is specifically designed to give the rider side support during spins
  • Comfortable grips provide a firm hold through all the riding action
  • The durable steel frame is built to last
  • Frame: Steel
  • Fork: Pressed with integrated pedal system
  • Brakes: Coaster braking
  • Racing slick rear wheels for superior spins
  • Green Machine joy stick steering
  • Large adjustable bucket seat
  • Recommended age 8 years +
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