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Huffy Mini Green Machine (10in)

The legendary Green Machine spins, slides and glides its way into a new generation. The first 180-degree spin is heart-pounding. The long slides, drifts and skids are head-turning. The ride is all-around game-changing! The Huffy Green Machine has been part of some of the best childhood memories for decades of kids. From using dual-stick steering like a pro, to making outrageous spins at that perfect moment, your friends will be lining up for the chance to take a spin on your green ride. The new designs and innovations of this legendary ride deliver better spins and smoother slides along with total comfort. Take Control - Lose Control with the new age of the Huffy Green Machine!

  • TIRE SIZE: 10”
  • FRAME: Steel
  • FORK: Pressed with integrated pedal system
  • BRAKES: Foot powered
  • Whisper quiet EVA tires
  • Green Machine joy stick steering
  • Juvenile bucket seat

Height (mm):230 x Length (mm):290 x Width (mm):190

Weight (Kg): 5.3

Warranty: 6 months

Pack Dimensions (cm) 26,5 x 27 x 46,5

Weight: 5,4Kg


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