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Frame: Lightweight Aluminium, for mountain bike riding comfort with a proper fit for a wide range of riders and durability.

FEATURE: 14-speed bike’s twist shifting system with Shimano rear derailleur delivers consistent response for uphill and downhill rides.

Brakes: Dual disc brakes provide a more consistent response and stopping action in wet conditions as well as dry weather.

Speeds: 14-speed adult bike has smooth twist shifting with the rear Shimano index derailleur

Tires: Oversized gravel tires increase momentum with less exertion

Seat: Padded saddle, with durable stitching, can be easily adjusted to the right height.

Rims: Strong, alloy double-walled rims are lightweight and complete this style with an edgy, aero-dynamic design

Grips: Huffy-branded Krayton grips provide a performance style and comfort feel

Handlebar: Slight-rise handlebar encourages the proper posture for increased comfort

Pedals: ATB resin bike pedals have just the right amount of grip

Pack Dimensions (cm) 72 x 21,5 x 133

Weight: 16,80Kg


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