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The Runva K8000S is a powerful piece of machinery which you can use with confidence and safety.

Free Spooling Clutch: The clutch allows the operator to manually disengage (“clutch out”) the spooling drum from the gear train, free spool. Engaging the clutch (“clutch in”) locks the winch into the gear system.

Automatic screw cone braking action. Rated line pull by using snatch block. *D*

Rated line pull: 8000 lbs (3629 kg)

Motor: Permanent magnet

12V: Input: 4.2kW / 5.5hp; Output: 1.4kW / 1.9hp

Gear reduction ratio: 210:1(12V)

Cable: (Dia.× L) Ø8.3mm×29m (21/64 “×95 ‘)

Drum size: (Dia.× L)63mm×227mm (2.48 “×8.9”)

Mounting bolt pattern: 254mm×114.3 mm (10 “×4.5”) 4-M10

DC 12V Power drive.

SWR tensioner available.

Switch control.

High current working switch control directly.

Planetary gear drive.

Gear circumferential clutch.

Stable performance.


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