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Seagull Artificial lawns are indeed suitable for all weather types, which means if your children/pets enjoy going outside the whole year round, artificial lawns are suitable. Snow, frost and rain will simply drain through the perforated latex backing of the artificial grass and drain away.

Product Features: For indoor and outdoor use Perfect for small gardens, balconies and small playgrounds

Low maintenance, Artificial grass is the trusted alternatives:


Seagull 1,5 X 2m Artificial Grass Roll 18mm- NEW- 

Seagull 3m x 2m artificial grass roll 18mm – NEW- 

Warranty 3-year, Pile height: 18mm, Stitches/m: 130, Gauge: 3/8

Dtex: 8000 grams, Backing: 2-layer, Coating: Latex

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