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Our household appliances are also conducive to the harsh African climate providing you with years of excellent working products.

The optional solar kit includes everything required to power this kit off grid.

Unit available as complete solar refrigeration kit or as chest freezer.

Technical Specifications:

• Total Capacity: 200L.

• Refrigerator Capacity: 122L.

• Freezer Capacity: 78L.

• Basket / Shelves Supplied: 1 + 4.

• Footprint Area: 0.26 m2.

• Temperature Controller: Yes (Electronic).

• Solar Cable Length: Purchased separately according to personal requirements.

• Climate Class: ST.

• Star Rating (Freezer): 3.

• Energy Source: 24 V Solar Battery.

Power Consumption / 24hr period (approx)***

LPG (g)  N/A

Electric (kWh)    N/A

Minimum Battery Output-200 Ah/12V (parallel) or 100 Ah/24V (series)

Wattage (W)-320W


• Boxed Dimensions: (H) 860mm x (W) 1080mm x (D) 627mm.

• Weight boxed: 42 Kg.

• Unboxed Dimensions :( H) 850mm x (W) 1070mm x (D) 620mm

• Weight Unboxed: 40Kg.

Solar Power Pack (If required) includes:

• 250W solar panel.

• 2 X 102 AH deep cycle batteries.

• 20 Amp Solar Charge Controller.

• Earth Rod (10 mm X 1100 mm).

• Connectors. • Bolts & Nuts.

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