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Doors/Lids x1

Compact-YES (fits easily into vehicles)



Total Capacity (L)-35

Total Capacity (CuFt.)-1.24

Low Battery Protection- YES

Electric Thermostat-YES

External Solar Thermometer-YES

Plugs Into 12/24V Socket-YES

Energy Sources **(12V & 220V -Solar Optional)

Temperature Range: +15°C to -20°C

Body Material    Patterned Stainless Steel with Durable Moulded PST Lid

**Camo Finish Optional

Power Consumption:    

Fridge Mode- @ +32°C   0.257 Ah

Freezer Mode -@ +32°C 0.400 Ah

Cooling Capacity:50W


Boxed Dimensions: (H) 480mm x (W) 550mm x (D) 580mm

Unboxed Dimensions: (H) 450mm x (W) 500mm x (D) 530mm

Weight (Kg’s) – boxed-23kg


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