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CF270FF - White Chromadek

??Total capacity: 238L

??Freezer Capacity: 119L

??Fridge Capacity: 119L

??Wattage: 180W (220V)

??Consumption on continuous running: Gas - 580g / 24hour (approx)- Elec - 0,18 Kwh

??Energy Sources: LP Gas 0r 220 Volt or 12V/24V Solar (Optional)

??Performance: -14°C @ +32°C (Freezer) And +2°C @ +32°C (Fridge)

Product information:

?? Gas Safety Valve

?? Gas Thermostat

?? Digital thermostat (Electric)

?? Metal Hinges

?? Absorption unit covered

?? Gas Hose & Regulator

?? Basket x 1

?? Shelving in fridge x 4

?? 3 Year (South Africa Only

?? Dimensions: 820mm (H) x 1125mm (W) x 680mm (D)

?? Weight: 80kg

PRICED TO SELL (Please Request a courier quote.)

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