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Designed to protect your geyser from the elements. The weather box is approved to be used with the Bosch geyser. If your geyser is installed where it will be rained on, face strong winds it’s advisable to make use of this cove.

  • 8732100111 Cover -Cover - BOSCH GW1 Weather-box 11 L/min
  • 8732100112 Cover -Cover - BOSCH GWI Weather-box 14/18 L/min

Domestic Installations do not require that the cylinders be placed in a cage but shall be secured in such a manner so as not to accidentally fall over. HOWEVER, WHERE PUBLIC ACCESS TO THE CYLINDERS IS POSSIBLE, THE CYLINDERS AND MANIFOLD, IF FITTED, SHOULD BE IN A LOCKED CAGE OR FENCED AREA THAT MEETS THE REQUIREMENTS.

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