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We make this heater to provide you with safe, quick warmth and comfort in a small sized room. Finished in glossy black paint that looks stylish

  • Sleek and elegant design in a modern gloss black finish
  • Powerful 2500W 11-fin oil-filled heater quickly radiates warmth across the room – perfect for the home or office
  • Ideal for mid to large sized rooms
  • Room size (Heating area): 20m2
  • 3 heat settings
  • Adjustable thermostat: set your ideal room temperature
  • LED indicator lights when in operation
  • Equipped with thermal cut-off, safety tip-over switch and automatic overheat protection
  • Portable, lightweight & mounted on 4 castor wheels for easy manoeuvrability.
  • Integrated cable caddy for tidy storage
  • Fitted with a 1.5 metre power cable.
  • Conforms to South African and international safety standards
  • 12 Month warranty 
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