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This Bilge Pump can be either used for a in hull means of quickly removing water from your Jet ski Hull by mounting at the lowest point of your Jet ski at the rear. Alternatively, this Pump can be used as a Live Bait Pump or used to work a Luna Tube.



100% brand new and high quality.

> Flow Rate: 500 GPH

> Voltage: 12 VDC

> Amp Draw: 2.0 Amp

> Outlet: 3/4"

> Liquid Temperature: 110º F (43º C) Max.

> Fully Submersible

> Easy clean snap lock strainer

> Silent and vibration less operation

> Compact, efficient long-life motor

> Rust and Corrosion protection

> Anti-Airlock protection

> Exclusive moisture tight seals

> Marine grade blocked wiring

Package included:



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