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SEAFLO non-automatic bilge pumps offer standard action activated by a panel or float switch. Easy remove strainer allows for quick clean out in the event that the pump becomes clogged with debris, and allows for quick replacement.


* Pump and switch are stand-alone products * Compact, efficient, long life motors * Size: 2000 gph in 12-volt version * Easy clean snap-lock strainer bases * Anti-Airlock protection * Exclusive moisture tight seals

* Completely submersible * Marine grade blocked wiring * Silent and vibrationless operation


* Liquid Temperature: 110°F (43°C) Max. * Priming Capabilities: Not needed flooded suction

* Power: 13.0 amps max current draw * Max Pressure: Not needed


* Type: Compact, efficient, long life motor * Leads: 18 AWG, 1 m long Leads

* Temperature Limits: 110°F (43°C) Max. * Duty Cycle: Intermittent * Voltage: 12v

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