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Is water rising in the hull of your boat or getting into the basement of your house? Do you live in a flood prone or low-lying area? Need a fully submersible pump that is hardy, durable and weather-proof but yet compact, vibration free, silent and light-weight? This 1100GPH Submersible Water Pump is just what you need.

It just keeps on pumping and pumping and pumping…

This pump has all the features that you could hope for; from the hard-bodied thermoplastic acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) casing that provides rust and corrosion protection for the heavy-duty motor and stainless-steel drive shafts to the simple yet innovative 360o inlet designed to minimise clogging. The pump also features a ‘snap-lock’ strainer base which allows for easy installation and cleaning and of course, with all Bilge Pumps® the 1100GPH Submersible Water Pump is fully ignition protected.


Exclusive moisture tight seals, Compact, efficient, long life motors, Easy clean snap lock strainers

Complete submergibility, Silent and vibrationless operation, Ignition protection

Anti-airlock protection, no burn-out when run dry, Stainless steel shafts, Rust and corrosion protection

CE certifications, Voltage: 12V, Delivery Volume: 1100GPH, Max. Delivery Head: 4m, Current: 3.0A

Cable: 1m, Outlet Dimension: 29mm/1-1/8″, Weight: 0.4kg, High Flow: For use from 22-234 litres per minute


Can be widely used in water sampling, high-volume liquid transfer, low-noise continuous workplace; Large aquarium, small swimming pool, water reservoirs, fountains and many other occasions. Fresh water, sea water analysis, wastewater treatment, water sampling, water purification, bilge water emissions from ships, breeding ornamental, water cycle transfer, agricultural spraying, irrigation, floors, carpet cleaning, etc.

Suitable Areas: Environmental protection, medicine, shipbuilding, fish farming, industry, agriculture, home economics and other areas.



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