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The Seaflo Submersible Inline Pump is a multi-application submersible and inline pump for seawater and
diesel. It's ideal for water transfer, deck, anchor and general washdown. This pump is easy to install and portable to carry. With its long life and quiet operation motor, it's perfect for use in quiet environments. The food grade material allows it to work with wide range of application.
Seaflo Submersible Inline Pump Features:
Typical application: Marine 20ft, RV, Medical,
Water Research and High Pressure Washing
Able to pump 40oC diesel, 80oC sea water
Able to run about 20 minutes
Portable to carry on, Easy to install, Intermittent duty
Seaflo Submersible Inline Pump Specifications:
Flow Rate: 500 GPH
Voltage: 12V
Max Draw: 4.5A
Fuse Amps: 7.5A
Head: 32' (10m)
Wire Leads: 5m leads with clip
Hose 20mm
6-Month Limited Warranty
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