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Are you looking for the All-in-one solution to cooking on gas (during load-shedding, camping and much more)?

We have this brand new 430 stainless steel gas braai.


Gas consumption Plate and heat resistant glass        

Rotisserie motor and double prong set with shaft

(YES, you can cook 2 whole chickens at a time). The Rotisserie motor ensures a silent operation. ·       

Stainless steel plate (perfect for cooking steaks, meats or pizzas). ·       

It also comes with separate cordite pizza ceramic plate and cutter.

Pull out Vegie and fat tray-perfect for cooking veggies….

includes free hose and regulator. Delivery in CT at only R150-00 – R250 delivery to all other

major centres. Collection can also be arranged at the factory in Blackheath.

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