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9 Multifunction fan electric oven * Accommodates all types of cooking 5 Gas burners including 4kW central wok burner Large cooking area for larger pots. 142L La Germania “Centoventi” oven (400x760x470) 20% Larger than standard. Fan assisted cooking & baking Ensures even oven heat distribution.

Oven door hinges with La Germania “Soft Motion” technology Closes in desired positions. Thermocouple safety cut off device on all burners Automatic gas safety cut off. Push button ignition on all burners No matches required.


Enamel oven interior Easy to clean. Seamless, single piece, stainless steel worktop No joins to trap dirt. Cast iron pan supports with La Germania “Anti Tip” technology No danger from pots tipping over. Silver control knobs Safe, stylish and cool to the touch control knobs. La Germania “Air Wash” technology oven door with tangential fan Oven door and control knobs are cool to the touch. Triple glass oven door with La Germania “Thermovit” technology Superior oven efficiency. Fully adjustable legs Easy levelling & height adjustment. Riser included Stylish design. 3 years extended La Germania Warranty Guaranteed quality Service agent’s nation-wide Peace of mind. Optional tempered glass lid Extend counter space.

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