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The 8l Dewhot Eco Dew white powder coated gas water heater is suitable for a shower and wash hand basin application. It will also be ideal for camping, off road trailers and hairdressing salons providing continuous hot water. This unit is suitable for outdoor installation only.

• Diaphragm activated

• Requires no electricity - flame ignition and geyser function are battery operated

• 84% energy efficiency

• Neat and compact

• Stainless steel cover

• LCD temperature display

• Flame failure safety device

• Anti-freeze function

TYPE D: For outdoor use under a cover

Max Gas Pressure: 2.8kPa

Rated Input: 16 Kw

Max Gas Consumption:1.32 Kg / hour

Water Pressure: 50-500 kPa

Water Output (min/max):4L - 8L / min

Unit Size: 590 x 320 x 210 mm

Unit Weight: 8.5 Kg

Packaged Size: 650 x 350 x 255 mm

Packaged Weight: 10 Kg

Gas Type-LPG

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