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Now your hot water can run efficiently off low pressure and restricted municipal water supplies. The low-pressure geyser is the perfect solution for your off-the-grid locations as they can run off stand tanks (rain tanks). The geyser regulates itself to the water pressure, so your hot water won’t be interrupted. This geyser can operate from as little as 1-meter water height.

• Heavy duty copper radiator

• 88% energy efficiency

• Can be installed in confined and unventilated spaces

• Wind resistant burner

• Anti-freeze function

• Touch button temperature control

• Compatible with mixer taps

• Ensures constant temperature when multiple outlets are used


• Compact design with a brushed aluminium cover

• Flame failure safety device

TYPE C: For outdoor use under cover or indoor use with flue

Max Gas Pressure:2.8 kPa

Rated heat Input: 40Kw

Max Gas Consumption: 2.9 Kg / hour

Water Pressure: 25-500 kPa

Water Output (min/max): 2.5L - 20L / min

Rated Voltage: 240V / 60Hz

IP rate: IPX4

Rated Electric Power: 45W

Unit Size: 575 x 365 x 133 mm (+200 for flue)

Unit Weight: 17.2 Kg

Packaged Size: 740 x 430 x 220 mm

Packaged Weight: 18.7 Kg

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