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Camping can be a fun and cheap family activity or vacation. But you do need quite a few supplies to manage life in the great outdoors and alloutdoorandhome are offering some clearance stock at give-a-way prices


BASIC CAMPING CHAIR-05/CK001             PRICE:   R179.00

LOCKING ARM CHAIR- 05/CK040                PRICE:   R599,00

KING SIZE FOLDING CHAIR-05/BB02         PRICE:   R649,00

SMART CHAIR-05/CK010B                             PRICE:   R429,00


4 MAN RIO AUTO CAMPING TENT-05/TN927                        R1649,00

8 MAN TENT (365x365x180) PU 800mm-05/TN011-8        R1699,00

3-4 MAN PITCH & GO CAMPING TENT-05/POP502             R649,00


PICNIC RUG-05/PR13                                      R69,00


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