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Here's a great way to create a private space to host intimate outdoor gatherings, or to simply enjoy your garden in solitude. Whether it’s to stop those nosy neighbours from eavesdropping on your private space, or to block the bright rays of a low hanging sun, this Garden Pavilion will do the trick every time. Get away to your very own private garden hideaway. Order Yours today!

Size: 3 x 4m

Package Contents: x1 Pavilion /x4 side walls + Assembly Parts

Heavy Duty Leg Frame, Reinforced Roof Frame, Air Vent

Material: Steel/Polyester

Side Wall Curtains, Fabric: 180g Polyester

Warranty: 12 months

Weight (Kg): 33, Package Dimensions: 2020 x 445 x 180mm (L x W x H)

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