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Don’t worry about the creature from the deep he just wants to play and have fun! This new Octopool from Bestway has four tentacle arms that spray water when a garden hose is connected providing a unique fun way to cool off in the summer heat.

Set up is easy and only takes around in 10 minutes, simple inflate the top ring and fill with water and the pool will rise as its filled with the inflated top ring supporting the pool liner. And when the sun goes in the built-in flow control valve attaches to a garden hose with the included adapter so you can easily drain the water and pack the pool away till you need it again.

Key Features

Quick 10 minute set up

Tritech sidewalls – 3-ply heavy duty PVC and polyester

Liner supported by inflating top ring

Use on level ground

Inflate top ring and pool rises as its filled with water

Four tentacle arms with built in water sprayers

Built in flow control valve

Attach to garden hose with included adapter to drain pool

Easy to pack up for off season storage

Underwater adhesive repair patch

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