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This Multi-Max Bestway inflatable can be used as a sofa or bed. It is transportable and inflates in just a few minutes using the included Sidewinder AC pump so you can start to relax in it immediately. When in sofa mode, the Multi-Max sofa has a comfortable backrest and armrests that you can rest on while watching a movie or playing video games. The cushions fold out to extend the mattress so it can be used as a bed. The mattress can be used by two people. The surface of the sofa is flocked, which gives it a soft and velvety texture. Perfect for traveling, an extra bed in the house or seats for your game room, enjoy the comfort of the Multi-Max Airbed. 1.88m x 1.52m x 64cm

* Interlocking quick release valve

* Multi-functional design doubles as couch or double bed

* Comfortable flocked surface

* Sturdy coil beam construction

* Includes a Sidewinder? 220-240V~ AC Air Pump

* Inflates in 5-6 minutes

* Full Color box

* Weight Capacity:300kg

Contents: One couch, one electric pump, one storage bag, repair patch

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