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• Contemporary, captivating design with subtle mood lighting to compliment your home

• Humidifier - adds moisture & humidifies air in the room to create a comfortable, pleasant environment

   [Dry air can cause your skin to crack & create breathing difficulty]

• Diffuser - product can also be used with Essential Oils to create a relaxing body & mind aromatherapy experience

• LED Lighting – Provides a soothing ambiance; either rotate through all 7 colours or choose your favourite colour, or

   even leave the effect off

• Night Mode – Reduced mist rate, promotes peaceful sleep using various oils & repel insects

• 2.5lt Capacity – supports high volume mist rate for up to 13hrs of continuous use

• Ultrasonic Humidification System – Quiet operation and energy saving

• Auto Off – Safety cut off when water level is low

• 3 Variable Mist Rates – For your comfort (High /Low / Night)

• Works with tap water, no filters needed

• 12 Month warranty

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