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The Bestway 56488 Steel Pro MAX™ pool features an extremely sturdy steel tube frame, which, together with the rustproof coating, ensures the stability and durability of the item. This pool has been made of sturdy TriTech™, a material consisting of 2 layers of PVC coating and a polyester mesh interior. The inner part is decorated with a mosaic pattern coating to make swimming in the pool a more enjoyable experience.  The pool can be installed without any kind of tool because it is equipped with the Seal & Lock™ system, while the drainage valve allows it to be emptied easily at the end of the summer season.  This high-end pool is equipped with all the accessories you need to enjoy a nice bath: cartridge filter pump with spare cartridges,no ground sheet, pool cover sheet and safety ladder. The pool can contain up to 14,970 litres of water, 90% filled, and the high-quality steel structure and design give the entire product greater reliability and safety than traditional above ground pools.

Weight 51.749kg

Package size: 59X41X116 cm

Package gross weight: 56.50 kg


Pool, Filter Pump-58386 (220-240V), Ladder, Compatible with Cartridge 58094(II)220-240V)

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