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The 305x76cm Steel Pro Pool is both portable and affordable without sacrificing durability. This Steel Pro pool was specifically designed so that it doesn't require lateral support, meaning an easier installation, enhanced stability, and less wasted space! Water capacity 4,678 L (1,236 gal.). No filter pump included. The walls of this pool is constructed with our Tritech material, heavy-duty PVC and polyester. Easy to setup. Made from corrosion-resistant metal frame can be assembled with the provided tools. It is very easy to drain away the water. The built-in flow control flow valve simply attaches to a garden hose. Stainless steel frame. Heavy-duty three-layer PVC. An integrated drain valve facilitates the drainage of water by attaching a garden hose with the included adapter. Waterproof repair kit. Additional strong side walls of this pool are made using Tritech ™ technology - this is a three-layer material reinforced with a polyester mesh enclosed between two layers of high-quality PVC, which creates a total thickness of 0.40-0.80 mm depending on the size of the pool, providing excellent strength and durability. Water capacity: 4,678L, Attributes: Diameter, 305cm Form: Round Height, 76 cm, Net weight, 14.95 kg, Number of layers: 3. What's in the box: x1 Liner, x1 Frame, x2 Stopper Plugs x1 Heavy Duty Repair Patch, x 1 Drain Valve. We do not deliver to farms, mines or game reserves or to multi-story buildings without a lift. Installation usually takes Approximately 30/45 minutes with 2-3 people excluding earthworks and filling.

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