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FERRE 5 Gas, Wok, Elec Oven, FFD, Ignition, Turbo Fan, Turnspit, Lamp, Digital Timer, Cast Iron, 2-

5 Gas Burners (1 Wok Burner)

Electric Oven, Electric Grill

Flame Failure Device on Hob Burners

Ignition for Hob Burners, Turnspit

Oven Lamp, Digital Timer

Turbo-Fan (Double)

Thermostat, Cast Iron Grid with Trivet

2 Trays + Wire Grid, Glass Lid

Adjustable Legs, Stainless-Steel (Side Panels are Silver)

Dimensions: 985x680x872, WEIGHT: 60 kg

 BOX DIMENSIONS: 1000 × 700 × 900 mm

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