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Inside the pizza oven, there are 2 removable stainless-steel tiles (made of 3cr12SS) that can easily be removed for cleaning. The steel tiles are stronger and do not break as easily as the ceramic stone. The dimensions of the tiles are 305mm x 305 mm. The tiles are easy to clean. Only remove the tiles when cooled down and clean it with soap and water. This oven has been designed and manufactured for you to make the perfect wood fire pizza in the comfort of your own home. No chef skills needed- very easy and comfortable cooking. Double up the pizza by half the time. This oven is suitable for a wood fire, charcoal fire, or even on gas braais.

Included:1x 304 stainless steel pizza oven, spade 

Product dimensions: 675mm (W) x 133mm (H) x 316 mm (D)

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