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Hit the water at with the Bestway Hydro-Force inflatable SUP & Kayaks and take your whole family & four-legged friend for the ride of their life.

Bestway 3.30m x 94cm Hydro-Force Kayaks Ventura-65052


Inflated: 3.30 m x 94 cm (130” x 37”), 2 adjustable Seats with storage compartments

Weight Capacity: 200kg, Passengers: 2 adults, Removable storage bag, Quick inflation/deflation

screw valves, two removable side chambers & I-beam floor made from heavy gauge PVC

Premium coated nylon hull that is resistant to sun, oil and seawater

Contents: One Boat, One Pair of Oars, One Hand Pump, Heavy-duty Repair Patch, One Pressure Gauge

Bestway Hydro-Force 3.05m x 84cm x 15cm Oceana-65303         


Made from drop stitch material providing unparalleled strength, stability and durability

* Non-slip traction pad * Seat with back rest * Elastic cord for extra storage

* Adjustable 2.17m (85”) 4 pieces aluminum oar * Category: All around. Best shape for

 safe and multifunctional driving in every water condition

Contents: Paddle board, paddle, hand pump, travel bag, surf leash, seat, footrest, repair kit

Bestway Hydro-Force Kahawai SUP WITH PADDLE-65308


The Hydro-Force™ Kahawai SUP includes stand up paddle board, aluminium paddle, easy travel carry bag, hand pump, surf leash, and a repair set for an ultimate starter kit Ideal for long tours on the water with a non-slip traction pad and elastic storage that can store everything you need when touring Agile and well balanced with 3 detachable fins on base, as well as kickboard to assist with manoeuvring. Great for using on both sea and river

Inflated SUP Size 3.10m x 86cm x 15cm; Max user weight 140kg

Contents: Paddle board, paddle, hand pump, travel bag, surf leash, repair kit

Bestway Hydro-Force Huaka’i Tech-65312 (Paddle not included)


Constructed from Tritech™, our drop stitch material doubles in strength, stability and durability.

Non-slip traction pad, Elastic cord for extra storage, Convenient deck handle to easily carry the SUP

Category: All around. Best shape and highest thickness for stability and safety, suitable for

use with pet thanks to the wider pad.

Specifications: Inflated dimensions: 305cm x 84cm x 15cm, Weight capacity: 140kg

Passengers: 1, Package dimensions: 100cm x 33.5cm x 42cm, Package weight: 16.3kg

Contents: Paddle board, hand pump, deluxe backpack, surf leash, repair kit

Courier R200 throughout the country. Conditions apply. 

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