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The spacious, comfortable Bestway EXTRAVA FABRIC FLOAT will become your favourite summer fashion accessory whether for the pool, pond or sea. Enjoy relaxing and enjoy sunbathing right on the water. TAKE RELAXATION TO THE NEXT LEVEL: With the Bestway EXTRAVA Fabric Pool Float, enjoy the sun and relax in ultimate comfort! Pool days will never be the same.

SPREAD OUT AND LOUNGE: This pool float lets you sprawl out in the sun any way you want. BUILT-IN INFLATABLE PILLOW: Lay back and catch a nap! The design of the pool float has a built-in pillow, so you can fully lounge in extreme comfort.

recommended age: 14 – 60+ years


Material- Vinyl

Width: 129 cm x Length 200 cm

Capacity 90 kg

Color: turquois, pink, black

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