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about on the pool with. The Bestway Aqua bones are also ideal for active pool play and stay in shape when bent allowing kids to adapt them in to all manner of positions. Adult supervision recommended at all times when children are using pools. Please note: This product comes in an assortment of colours and/or styles which may vary. See the terms and conditions (section 9.0) for more details.

Product Features

Ideal for developing water confidence or for active pool play

Bendable and holds its shape when bent

Contains 58 interlocking joints

Buoyant, flexible non-chaffing foam and deformable POM

Colors may vary. This item will be shipped in randomly selected, assorted colors

Product Specification

Size: 48in. x 2.55in. /1.22m x 6.5cm

4 assorted colors

Size: 1.22 m x 6.5. cm


Number of Pieces: 1

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