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Products Bestway Children's Pool / Family Jumbo Pool Wind Pump Material made of Quality Vinyl Plastic There are 2 air rings Water capacity 544 litres Durable & Durable Dimensions 262 cm x 157 cm x 46 cm for ages 3 and above max 3 children.

 Description: Bestway swimming pool designed with its unique shape designed for children who like to play in the water outdoors. The walls are wide in shape consisting of 2 levels and in each room, there is a pump hole each seringa very easy to pump and deflate and with simple and practical packaging is very easy to carry on holiday. The swimming pool has dimensions of 262 cm x 157 cm x 46 cm. the pool accommodates up to 3 children, but is packed with practical and simple so you can easily move it anywhere because of its size that is not very consuming.

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