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Bestway Ocean Life Pool is decorated with cute and colourful ocean critter graphics and is the perfect size for toddlers to enjoy a refreshing dip or splash. It’s also incredibly simple to set up. All that you need to do is inflate it and fill it with water! The circular pool wall consists of three equal inflatable rings. These greatly increase stability, reducing the risk of the sides buckling when children clamber in or out the pool. The design also keeps water loss at a minimum so that the pool doesn’t have to be topped up every ten minutes. It’s a splashing first pool for youngsters! Suitable for children aged 3+ years. Adult supervision required when children are in and around pools.

The Bestway Coral paddling pool comes as a complete set; featuring pool and a repair patch for longer lasting use. Easy set up no tools required; simply inflate and fill with water, walls composed of 3 equal rings for durability. Simple drain valve for easy draining and disassembly; ready for storage when not in use. Cool design; with bright fish design; perfect for kids’ imagination. Made from sturdy pre-tested vinyl; water capacity 140L

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