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The Bestway Deep Dive 3-Ring Pool will be a great addition to any garden this summer. Whether you’re going to fill it with colourful game balls or fill it with it refreshing water from the hose, this is a pool which will bring deep dive ocean fun to your back lawn. With study 3-Ring construction for added strength and durability, this pool comes with a great underwater dive design. Kids can put the goggles on and pretend they are snorkelling on a coral reef in the pacific from the safety of their own back garden! Adult supervision recommended at all times when children are using pools.

The Bestway Deep Dive Ring paddling pool comes as a complete set; featuring pool and a repair patch for longer lasting use Easy set up no tools required; simply inflate and fill with water, walls composed of 3 equal rings for durability. Simple drain valve for easy draining and disassembly; ready for storage when not in use

Cool design; with bright coloured sea life graphics, perfect for kids 2+. Made from sturdy pre-tested vinyl; water capacity 282L, inflated size 1.52m x 30cm (5ft. x 12 in.)

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