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The 1.83m x 51cm Fast Set Pool comes as a complete set; featuring inflatable swimming pool and a repair patch

Easy set up within 10 minutes; simply select a level surface inflate the top ring and the pool will rise as it’s filled up with water. Simple flow control drain valve for easy draining and disassembly; easily attach hose with the included adapter and drain the water away, ready for storage when not in use. Made from durable Tri-tech material for greater strength; water capacity 940L, assembled size 6ft x 20in (1.83m x 51cm). Comes with a 2-year warranty and free delivery; a complete set with piece of mind for the summer. This inflatable swimming pool is ideal for smaller gardens and for younger children looking for their first proper swimming pool. Parents can sit up in the pool and it is the perfect size for younger children to enjoy a cooling swim. The Fast Set Pool is robust and durable, made with Tritech™ side walls - 3-ply heavy-duty PVC and polyester. When the season is over, the drain valve makes it easy to drain away the water and storage is compact, fast and simple. Your summer won’t be complete without the Bestway Fast Set Pool! Comes complete with a heavy-duty repair patch. Pool size: 1.83m x 51cm / 6 ft x 20 in. Water capacity (80%): 940 L (248 gal.)

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