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4.60 m x 1.20 m Hydrium * Swimming Pool Set Installation by 2-3 people cover stand requires usually about 120/180 minutes, exclusive if required Base work and filling. * Dimensions (-Capacity 90%: 17,430l/4,605 gal (.18,430L ) * Content: One pool, one sand filter pump, a surface skimmer, a ladder, a groundsheet, repair patch * Sand Filter Pump Flow clear TM  Pump Flow Rate (pump power): 3,785 L/H (1000 gal./h)  Built-in pool water flow system (system water flow): 3,785 L/H (1000 gal./h) * Groundsheet  Provide an extra protective layer to the bottom of the swimming pools * Safety Ladder 1.22 m (48)  Robust plastic steps Tubular steel construction with corrosion protection coating.

Bestway 56382, Hydrium. Pool type: Framed pool, Shape: Round, Capacity: 18,430L. Filtration capacity: 3000 l/h, Pump power: 32 W, Pump voltage: 220 - 240 V. Ladder frame material: Metal, Ladder step material: Plastic, Ladder height: 122 cm. Wall thickness: 0.4 mm, Pool liner thickness: 4 mm, Inner diameter: 4.93 m. Package width: 800 mm, Package depth: 162.5 mm, Package height: 600 mm. - Above ground swimming pool kit

- Installation usually takes approximately 120 minutes with 2-3 people excluding earthworks and filling

- Dimensions-Capacities 90%: 17,430L/4,605gal

- Contents: One pool, filter pump, skimmer, ladder, ground cloth, repair patch

- Flow clear Filter Pump, Pump's water flow rate (pump capacity): 3,028 L/h (800 gal./h), Integrated pool system water flow rate (system flow rate): 2,195 L/h (580 gal./h)

- Ground Cloth, Provides Extra Protection for The Bottom of The Pool

- Pool Ladder 1.22m (48"), Rust-resistant metal frame, Heavy-duty plastic steps.

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