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ages 2+ this ball pit is brilliant fun and great for helping to improve hand-eye coordination and other motor skills as they crawl, walk or run as well as endless fun and role play. This 48in x 33in x 33in / 1.22m x 84cm x 84cm ball pit lets you transform your living room or garden into a location perfect for your little ones to start their business selling ice cream. Including 10 play balls and an inflatable table with 2 ice creams, they can go from playing in their ball pit to pretending to sell ice cream from their very own truck. There’s even a steering wheel that helps bring their ice cream van to life! The fun really is endless with this Scoops ‘N’ Smiles Ice Cream Truck Ball Pit.

Interactive inflatable ice cream truck ball pit is more fun for toddlers aged 2+

Play in your very own ice cream truck and pretend to be an ice cream man/woman

Comes with 10 play balls, two ice cream cones and a repair patch

Made from sturdy pre-tested vinyl

Repair patch included

Safety valves make the truck safe and easy to inflate

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