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The Pavillo Coolrock 2 Pop-Up Tent is perfect for enjoying nature, day or night. Its compact size is great for up to 2 people, whether you`re camping, at a festival or relaxing on the beach. The tropical graphic will stand out no matter where you are. This convenient tent single pole structure makes it quick and easy to set up, taking only 3 minutes. The single layer construction, entrance and 3 air vents allow for plenty of ventilation throughout the day and night. It’s built for durability, using fire retardant material with waterproof seams. Plus, there’s 2 inside pockets for extra storage! The Pavillo Coolrock 2 Pop-Up Tent is the perfect on-the-go solution for anyone.

A camping tent is the simplest way to protect yourself from blazing sun and precipitation during a hiking tour. A reliable construction of this recreation tent is able to endure strong gusts of wind.

Overall characteristics:

Size: 220?120?90 cm

Sleeping compartment size: 220?120 cm

Number of people: 2

Weight: 1.4 kg

Material: synthetic fabric: 180T polyester with PU1500mm coating

Water resistance: 1500 mm

Set up type: eight-shaped half automatic system

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