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First night camping? Our designers have developed this simple and easy tent, to protect you from the elements. An accessible tent that passes all our durability and waterproofing tests. The free-standing dome structure enables you to move it once it has been assembled, to find the best location.

Product Features

• Innovative design: This Travel-Lite, compact camping tent comes with 2 mesh sun Roof windows and mesh D-doors that would be great for air flow, allowing you to stay cool and keep the insects out. It is not waterproof.

• Easy set-up & fold-down: setting up this camping Tent is a fast and easy process which can be done in minutes. The unique folding capability of this tent allows it to be taken down and stored anywhere.

• High quality: 100% polyester walls, 100% polyethylene bathtub style Floor, delicate sewing, air flow, Rigid material. Sturdy fibre glass pole frame. We also included stakes for maximum support and stability.

Item Weight: 2.2 Kg

Product Dimensions: 2.10m x 2.10m x H1.30m

Manufacturer recommended age: Suitable for 12 years & above

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