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Snomaster has spread its wings from the 12 Volt compressor that was designed in 2000. Founder and Managing Director, Shane Bennett saw the need in the market for a strong and reliable compressor and, with his hands-on expertise in the 12- & 220-volt fridge/freezer industry, he designed the heart of these high-end fridges. The Snomaster 12v compressor has made these fridges not only affordable but strong and reliable…ANYWHERE!

Applications: Camping. Boating. Hunting. Fishing. 4WDS. Trucks. Caravans, etc.

  • 100 Ltr 12volt fridge
  • Manual thermostat
  • Latched door
  • Internal light
  • 13.5ltr freezer compartment
  • Temp range: 2C to 10C
  • Warranty -Supplier (36 months)

Please note due to this product being made to order, there may be a lead time of 2 weeks if stock is unavailable.


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